The Black Mirror: The Future Impact On Our Lives

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The future impact on our lives Will the future impact our lives within 20 years? Will machines/robots take over our jobs? Will the future be one of the most dangerous time in the history of the human race? I will talk extensively about this in my essay. I’m going to summarize season 3 episode 1 of Black Mirror. So the Black Mirror episode that we saw goes about the future were people can rate each other with their phones and those rates can impact someone’s entire life. The future is controlled by how people rate others on social media. There is a woman and her name is Lacie Pound and she lives in a world where people can rate someone’s popularity out of five stars, they can rate everybody, from friends to strangers. Lacie has a childhood friend that invited her for her wedding and there are only people with a score above 4.2 and she takes her chance to increase her score by impressing them, but that became more difficult than she thought…. This episode goes about the future because she lives in a world where people can rate each other by smartphones and that doesn’t exist in our world yet. They…show more content…
The topic is about the same as in the episode of Black Mirror because the future will impact our lives. The episodes that we saw where Lacie’s life was determined by that people rate each other through their smartphones, it had her life determined and this article goes about the same. About 20-30 years people almost won’t have jobs anymore because the robots will take our jobs and that will determine our lives. The line that surprised me was that the robots will be active in the next 20 years; can you imagine that within 20 years the world will change? I've learned that people will have to accept that in 20 years will change everything. Of course, large parts of the people have no more work later but that is how it is. Now I will explain my opinion about this

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