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Best natural homemade tips to get black hair: Best natural homemade tips to get black hair - some home remedies for natural black hair Every woman wants her hair black, thick (thick) and Clear. If it's too easy to put us domestic prescriptions adopted in accordance with the rules and suggested. There are many home remedies that we can help prevent hair prematurely white (pre mature graying of hairs) and beautiful, black hair and Clear. Hair with the chemical (chemicals) brown hair is very much on natural therapy become weak with some tips made of home and health and beauty. From time in the fast pace of modern life, the first white hair has become very common. Was in the lack of (melanin pigment) and hair are white. The rest are many other reasons which are sure to be white as pollution in the ancestral disease (genetic), the coming change of the natural chemical in the…show more content…
Hair Check up on the water, black tea and walk for half an hour. Provide only after washing the hair with water, forms remains. The prescriptions gourd slices cut in oil (coconut oil) Coconut (ribbed gourd) soak for 3 days. Take boiling it later. When ready for a black mixture (solution) it back cool off. Keep the skin of his head (scalp) at least one hour, and then some home remedies for hair washing black (Homemade tips for black hair) with a hot oil massage natural black hair (Hot oil massages induces black hair growth naturally) hair with hot oil massage are black. You take away any oil of your choice, such as coconut oil (coconut oil), almond oil (almond oil) or berry oil (amla / gooseberry oil). Take it a little hot and the skin of the head (scalp) and hair and do massage (massage) slowly. Make it pack to henna powder (henna powder) and Amla powder (amla powder / gooseberry powder) with water over tea leaves (strong tea water) in the back of the pack. So keep it packed
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