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"The Perks Of School Uniforms" (17) “I had the feeling that to get into a schoolhouse and study in this way would be about the same as getting into paradise,” said Booker T Washington. Nowadays, school isn't about education to students as it was to Mr.Washington , it's all about fashion and the complete hatred of having to wear school uniforms. Mr.Washington took pride in dressing properly with "dress etiquette'' and did everything he could to get into school for a proper education, not stressing the fact that he didn’t have as many nice clothes as others. Education was his top priority, until he was able to find decent clothes he managed with what he had, while in this generation , students won't even think about school unless they are dressed in the latest most expensive trends so they can flaunt on other students who had the same circumstances with clothes such as Mr.Washington. School uniforms plays a very essential…show more content…
Such as in the novel Up from Slavery by Booker T. Washington , while he was attending Tuskegee University. He mentioned how the students all had a trend of wearing nice caps and dressed very "different". Uniforms can be a great way of testing your creativity of style and accessorizing to your liking by adding a tie, or maybe even a nice necklace. Putting your on personal touch to a "boring" uniform can boost someone's confidence and/or insecurities while being themselves. Uniforms aren't as much of a nightmare as everyone tries to make them seem. They are very organized, and can look very nice when worn properly. Uniforms are utilized for many great logical purposes, and should continue to be worn and maybe even make a new law for all schools to have a proper dress code. Uniforms declines the rate of bullying, shows sense of creativity , shows organization and many other great assets many people fail to
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