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Peri-urban areas are created through the process of urbanization – commonly defined as the landscape interface between rural and urban transition zone. They are areas where the village and the city mix and clash with increasing conversion of agricultural land to urban spaces. These areas generally provide resources for urban expansion and in return urban waste. Uncontrolled urbanization leads to infringement of resources, dislocation of biodiversity and destabilizes the natural resource security of peri-urban communities. Climate change further aggravates the conditions of these areas. The CoCooN – CCMCC project on peri-urban water security is investigating how urbanization and climate change shape peri-urban water insecurity and the possibilities…show more content…
Most conflicts are resolved within the community applying their local norms. Cooperation and community resilience is sustained through organized groups collecting money to pay those that maintain and clean the Kulo. These local norms allow them to adapt to the local conditions, however, in some cases this occurs at a glacial pace. Conflicts arise when everyone needs water at the same time, though these conflicts are solved immediately through discussion or dialogue and coordination, and wait for their turn. Fellowship and cooperation are valued more under the context of climate change and urbanization. Understanding the relationships and the valuation of these local norms of cooperation and traditional systems during planning can reduce the effects of climate change and urbanization. Furthermore, understanding the dynamics peri-urban communities deal and live with, and manage and overcome challenges through conflict and cooperation can help to improve the resilience of peri-urban communities induced by impacts of climate change and urbanization caused by water

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