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Since the 100th year anniversary of JROTC is coming up in 2016, it is very important to honor the past, present, and future of what the Junior Reserve Officer’s Training Corps has become. To do this, I will need to define the core roots of the program such as historical events and accomplishments that took place. Events such as the ‘National Defense Act of 1916’ and the ‘Vitalization Act of 1964’ are crucial to the development and progress of JROTC. The past of the JROTC program is something that is and needs to be remembered because if certain procedures that happened in the past never happened at all, then JROTC would not be as great as it is today. The present day is also very important because it will affect what happens in the future either…show more content…
One of those events could be the infamous ‘National Defense Act of 1916’. To put a long story short, the act was formed as a federal law that renovated the ‘Militia Act of 1903’, which directly related to the organization of the United States Military/JROTC. The passage initially approved federal military equipment in schools all around the world and, later on, allowed assignment of active duty military personnel. This act was the first ever document to deal with the JROTC program and is important the foundation of the JROTC programs past. Another act that is significant to numerous programs in schools all around the world is the ‘Vitalization Act of 1964’. This act opened the JROTC program to other services and replaced most active duty personnel with retirees. Both of these events are considered to be the foundation of the Junior Reserve Officer’s Training…show more content…
The military is vital to the protection of the United States and its people and while many people believe that the JROTC program introduces and persuades students to join the military, but that is awfully incorrect. The purpose of JROTC is to motivate young people to become better citizens using leadership and discipline techniques. By doing this, students all around the world will become better leaders and have discipline which is a great characteristic for a person to have. To explain, I am not saying that if you don’t take a JROTC elective in high school, you won’t become better at your leadership skills. I am saying that JROTC helps with improving the skill while teaching you to become a better citizen at the same time. The future of the United States is going to be astonishing due to the fact that many people, nowadays, take the JROTC program and become better citizens as they know

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