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Nose piercing may seem innovative but the custom has been around for almost four thousand years. It is a process which a needle punctured the nasal septum,the nostril, or nasal bridge to create an opening for the placement of a jewelry. This practice is performed as a representation or for beauty purposes. Originated in the Middle East, moving to India in the 1500s and reaching the Western civilization by the 20th century. According to the Book of Genesis, Isaac, the son of Abraham gave Rebekah, his bride-to-be a shanf which means a golden nose ring. In the later years, nose rings were used as a dowry; it could also be used as a collateral in case of divorce. Nose piercing was popular among the Aztecs, Incas and the Mayans; and some Native…show more content…
Double nostril piercing - if you want something to make you stand out, try to have a double nostril piercing. It is an art that involves making two piercings on the nose into which a jewelry is inserted. It ranges from side by side piercing where it is located either on the opposite side of the nostril or on one side, and septum and nostril double nose piercing where in one piercing is placed on the septum and the the one is on the nostril. A new piercing on the nose takes 2-3 months to heal fully. 04. Nostril piercing - it is one of the most common types of nose piercing. It is a practice in Indian and Nepalese culture. Women from these countries follow an Ayurvedic belief that placing nostril piercing on the left side of the nose helps in easing the pain during menstruation and giving birth. The jewelry is placed right above the crease of our nostrils natural curve. o5. Septril piercing - it is a combination of gauge septum and half of a vertical tip. A piercing that looks delicate from afar. The actual piercing procedure takes a lot of dedication due to ow time-exhaustive the gauging of the septum is. This is pretty painful given how sensitive the septal cartilage is, especially when having to accommodate jewelry at any given

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