The Importance Of A Honor System

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Honor codes or Honor systems are a set of rules or principles that are intended to cultivate integrity. In the United States, many schools believe that the establishment of honor codes or honor systems can really benefit a school’s environment and make it a more of a non-cheating and a trustworthy setting in the school area. Additionally, when creating a honor system, analyzing certain factors are very critical any whether or not a honor code/system will be effective. Acknowledging and evaluating the environment of which my school tends to be, installing an honor system or honor code wouldn’t be beneficial in our school environment. The high school that I attend doesn’t have a honor system/code, that’s why we couldn’t change, and maintain a…show more content…
In source B, author Vangelli goes in depth about the initial purpose and definition of the honor codes and honor systems, after receiving backlash after members were quick to criticize the establishment of these systems. The article elucidates the guidelines of which the honor system follows by. It explains the consequences and punishments for not following by these rules. However, key information that was very significant in the article is when the author replies with importance of the environment schools hope to be a result of the honor system/code and the environment that first needs to be established before building a system. Author Vangelli states, “In order to understand the purpose of the purpose of an honor code, the real question was what type of environment we wanted to live in. As Senate members, we brought this question to class meetings for class discussion. Most responded that we needed an environment where students and faculty could live in complete trust of one another.” (Vangelli) As the author states the environment needs to be a place of which everything including students and faculty trust one another. Unfortunately, the High School I go to, this is not the environment of our school, and I don’t think establishing an honor system will…show more content…
In Source E, there is research data evaluating the surveys students had taken on upon the installation of the honor codes within a particular High School. There’s a topic within the surveys that states, “Students who would report a fellow student for cheating.” (Sledge) Only a near 8 percent reported that they would follow along this rule. As taking in these results and evaluating them, it tends to look like that it wasn’t very effective, and it’s not following along its

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