Summary Of College Pressures By William Zinsser

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Mohammed Ali Almuatwa Erin Violette Enin451.02 February 19, 2015 All Kinds of Pressure The most important thing in these days is college; anywhere you go the first question you get asked is about your education. Just the idea of that puts a lot of pressure on college students, to think it is the one thing that decide if an individual is going to succeed or fail in life. By that I mean getting rich or not ignoring the things they love to do. In the essay “College Pressures,” William Zinsser claims that the pressure on college students is under four main points: economic, parental, peer, and self-induced pressure. Zinsser states, “Mainly I try to remind them that the road ahead is a long one and that it will have more unexpected turns than they…show more content…
He uses diction to create a bond with the reader in a human way, and presents information in a fair manner. He also, uses a confident, persuasive tone to give the impression of knowledge. In this analysis these points will be farther discussed. First of all, the author uses diction to create a bond with the reader in a human way. Zinsser in his article started with a conversation between a student and his…show more content…
38). He successfully supported his argument that the students need to let the life guide them to where they need to go. Additionally, as a person from Saudi Arabia, there might be the same kinds of pressure but in a different way. For example, the economic pressure might not be as strong as in the United States because the schools from KG through high school are one hundred present free. In fact if a student did not have enough money to pay for his/her book or a pen or a folder or even a school uniform, the school will buy it for them. Plus, at the beginning of the year the school will give every student a book for every class and it is all free for them to keep, with all that the girls have a bus no matter how far the school is; it is free for all of them. And that creates another way of economic pressure that is the eating part and the transportation for the boys. Zinsser uses emotional appeal very effectively toward the reader. He uses the persuasive tone style wisely, and the article makes a very strong and credible

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