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Body language is one way of communication that we pay little attention to. Oftentimes others "hear" something from our body and the way we use it, that we didn't even realize we were "saying" and it can come back to haunt us! Some experts say that up to half of our communication is conveyed through non verbal means or by what we do rather than what we say. That's a lot more than most of us might imagine it to be! Learning to read the body can help you understand what someone is really saying. Conversely, learning to use it can help you communicate your message more effectively than words alone. Waht am I talking about when I put body and language in the same term? This language is a form of non-verbal communication that utilizes the body. It can be anything from a facial expression to a stance. For…show more content…
Deceptive. Deception is often used when someone is trying to get away with a lie. It can be easily distinguished by nervous behavior, which is brought on by guilt and worry. 6. Defensive. This kind of body language tends to be present when someone is protective of information or their inner thoughts.âEUR¨ 7. Dominant. Those who like to be in command use dominant body language. Dominant people tend to stand tall with their chest puffed out. 8. Emotional. This one is influenced heavily by feelings at any given moment. It's constantly changing with mood. 9. Evaluation. Evaluating body language is used when making a decision or hesitating to make a judgment. 10. Greeting. This type of body language is used when first coming into contact with people. 11. Open. Open body language is welcoming and very friendly in nature. 12. On the Ready. This type of body language lets people know you're prepared and willing. 13. Relaxed & Content. Relaxed body language is that which is seen when people are restful, happy, and calm. 14. Passionate. Romantic body language is flirty and expresses attraction for another. 15. Submissive. This one shows your relenting

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