Essay About My School Trip

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It all went wrong everything was ruined everything was gone my friends, my reputation, my school life was all gone in just 4 days i was crying in the corner all alone no team no glory no fame no cup nothing it all started that morning……… “Samuel wake up it’s time for school” i greeted my mom and took my bath and in 40 mins me and my family were ready for school when we got to school the principal told us that the school trip was coming up and we had to pay 250 euros and i was very happy and he told us that he book a big hotel this year so there are big rooms unlike last year me and my best friend luca zhou looked at each other with smiles on our faces he gave us papers to fill out for the trip and before we knew it it was 3 days till the trip i already paid a long time ago and luca got his money and paid too we were all set and ready for the trip then andrea walked up to us and asked us if he could stay in our room and i said yes but i did not know that yes was a big mistake. it was just a few days before the school trip………. ,we were given a few minutes to choose our…show more content…
m mates the was a single room, double room,a triple room and one 4 person room me and my best friend luca chose to stay in the same room with andrea, and we did not really think about it until the next day when our friend marco came to school and asked me and luca to be in his room and we did not want to tell him about andrea but we had to and he told us to get rid of andrea and stay with him since we were good friends but andrea was listening to what we were saying so he got mad and started yelling at marco “marco back off they are staying with me and that is final”but marco is very hard headed so he told andrea “please don’t say stuff like that you know i am closer to samuel and luca than u are so please get out before i beat you
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