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Kenan Oestreich Adv. Eng. III The Majestic Reflective Essay One of the main reasons for literature is to provoke new and interesting thoughts in the reader or viewer. Movies, being a form of literature, are no exception. Although movies do not quite immerse the viewer in the main character’s thoughts and point of view, they still offer a vivid display of the obstacles that character overcomes. In The Majestic, the main conflict Peter faces in the film is the choice to either: pay respect to the townspeople of Lawton and risk his career in doing so, or admit that he is a communist and keep his job. This concept of dishonesty to protect others or honesty to protect one’s self is a prominent issue in my life. In The Majestic, Peter Appleton makes the difficult decision to protect his new colleagues by speaking out against the oppression of communists in America. If I was in Peter’s place, I do not believe I would have stood up for the preservation of the…show more content…
However, Peter did not know he was and, therefore was ridiculed for a completely unintentional crime. I often struggle with people disliking me for reasons I do not know. In general, I try to be nice to everyone, but sometimes, certain people do not interact well together, simply because of inherent traits each person possesses. For example, near the end of the previous school year, I was in the midst of my parent’s divorce, and Braden and I told our dad that we wanted to live exclusively at our mom’s house because of how he had been acting at home and his spontaneous relationship with a woman from O’Fallon. As a result of doing what we thought was necessary at the time, my dad’s parents, who are two of my main sources of comfort and support in my life, were understandably frustrated with our decision and we endured a few months of tension with

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