How To Write A Personal Statement For Forensic Science

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Personal Statement (Improvements) – Paige Raven 13G I am captivated by the technical processes through which crimes are solved: the drawing together of the most complex aspects of Science and Law to determine culpability. In particular, I find that DNA analysis particularly intriguing along with Spectroscopy and chemical reactions, by studying for a degree in Forensic Science and Chemistry I look forward to building on my analytical skills and learning about inorganic Chemistry. Chemistry and forensic science both offer the application of science in everyday life, this intreges me as it helps to combine the areas which I enjoy the most. Chemistry is one of the most developing fields aiding in new technological improvements and help in medicinal purposes. The study of Chemistry and Forensic Science to me, is the ablity to broaden my knowledge and push myself through problem solve via that of cases or chemical concepts and reactions as I feel there is still a wide areas of unsolved knowledge when it dcomes to chemistry. Chemistry and Forensic science is an eye opening…show more content…
I am also reading Peter Atkins’ ‘Chemistry – a very short introduction’, as well as ‘Forensic Science – a very short introduction’ by Jim Fraser, by undertaking these extra reading I hope to widen my knowledge and have a better understanding when starting the course. My interest in the subject is also demonstrated through my undertaking the MOOC ‘Introduction to Forensic Science’, which has increased my understanding of the case process with evaluating the evidence received; plus allow me to explore a wide range of evidence. I am also undertaking other MOOCs which will help aid my studies with some of the content covered, these MOOCs are ‘Inside Cancer’ and ‘The genomics

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