What Is Verlyn Klinkenborg's Writing Style?

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In “several short sentences about writing”, Verlyn Klinkenborg states how he understands and functions about short sentence by his poetry writing style. Although he is controlling the length of his lines, I believe every short sentence in his book is stronger and enrich more meaning than long sentences because the short sentences help people seeking shortcuts to clarify, easy way to make your writing better. I always desire the length of sentences, because I think the longer the sentences the better in my writing. But Verlyn Klinkenborg explains why short sentences and the importance of short sentences in his book that make me reevaluate the value of sentences. Verlyn Klinkenborg claims, “long sentences often tend to collapse or break down…show more content…
I have found my sentences to be weak and have less clarity. For instance, I used to put” a lot of students think University is very hard.” in my academic writing. Now I realized this sentence is weak and awkward because it is wordy. There are too many unnecessary words in this sentence. My writing is not as strong if I use these text words. If I correct from “a lot of students think University is very hard” to “many students think University is difficult.” It makes the sentence smoother. Verlyn Kinkenborg also claims, “writing short sentences restores clarity, the directness of subject and verb.” In other words, short sentences make your idea to be clear by getting point across in sharp, short way that really hits the reader and keeps them engaged because it avoids unnecessary rambling. I definitely agree with his opinion. Sometimes when I try to expand the length of my sentences, actually I just add some more unnecessary words in my sentences. It doesn’t help me to express my ideas at all and also make sentences ambiguous. Avoiding weak or unnecessary words can make your writing better. Short sentences not only make easier to clarify your idea, but also can create sentence

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