Speech About Domestic Violence

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The community I grew up in sort of violence and corrupt. There is no peace around you. You can always hear the murdering and kidnapping in the news. But you can’t speak what you are hearing because many of these issue done by the political people and big businessman. There is a lot of domestic violence in our neighborhood and there is no safe house for the children who above 1 years old they have been raped and crucified by the people. There is a corruption of government you can hear the scandal and bride acceptation in the news. In the street, men drank and beat their wife and their children for nothing. You can’t call the police if you do they will ignore your call and said it’s your family matter which is a hard breaking for the wife because she can see her child is beating by her husband. I always can hear the crying voice outside my window. We can’t do nothing but listen to the voices of wife and the children. But my house was quiet there is no beating in our house because my dad is in America we only see him in skype video calling. Whenever he came to India our house will be other people house who beat my men. My mother, sister and I always pray that he only stays in 1 month. Because we can’t take more than 1 month. After that, our house will be rose up from the hell to heaven.…show more content…
These events and the issue made me think who I am as a person especially when I grow up as living with those men who beating their wife and struck me what if I have a family I done the same thing to

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