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Annotation essay: Malala’s story Ruthanne Lewis English 122 MW 10-11:15 AM October 4, 2015 Professor Hila Hirad Annotation essay: Malala’s story Malala Yousafzai is the young girl who has changed the world with a powerful speech. In the article, “How Teenage Activist Malala Yousafzai is Turning Her Fame into a Movement” by Jessica Leber. In the eye of the public, Malala has gone from the girl who was shot to a powerful advocate for girls to have the equal right of an education. Because Malala is still going to school, she travels around the world on her school breaks to go help set up schools. Malala has met up with world leaders to persuade them the great need of letting girls having the same education as boys. Malala’s speech to the United…show more content…
Malala’s organization main goal is to provide girls with an education especially in countries like Pakistan, Serra Leon and Nigeria. The staff that helps Malala in helping girls getting an education are doing everything that they can but they are limited because they don’t have enough supplies, teachers and less education opportunities. Malala has a fund that is helping support girls education and she hopes that when people hear her story that they will join with her in the fight for education for all girls regardless of the country. One of the organization’s focus is setting up schools in Nigeria but unlike some countries, Nigeria is struggling because the lack of resources and they face a lot of oppression but the staff doesn’t give up hope. One of Malala’s friends summons up that the main purpose of Malala’s dream that all girls will be allowed to have an education and quotes, “ We all recognize right now that the opportunities we have are so incredible and we don’t want to leave anything on the table.” (Stone, 2015) Malala decided it was time for the world to know that

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