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Life. This thing that you are handed that is full of chaos. It is thrown in our face and we are told to deal with it. The times that we want it most are the times when it is good, when we are getting what we want. But when the confusion and crazy of life is handed to us we run in fear. We don’t know how to deal with the wrath of life. Some can deal with it, others can’t. The way we deal with it is all different. What is life? Life is like a hat, one filled with tiny pieces of paper that we draw out every day. With each new paper, a new situation is put in front of us. We all have a different mix of papers inside our hat of life. What matters is the life that was set before me. The life I choose to live. God has gifted me every chance that could be given. Now, is the time I should aim myself for the goal of loving and living for Him. I need to take a risk to learn. I need to step out of my comfort zone so I can understand the life laid before me. Every decision I make affects the next one I will be required to make. It may be just a simple clothing or lunch choice but this choice could affect my day. That day could affect my week. That week could affect the next month. Learning to understand our comprehend…show more content…
We life in a world where crazy is normal. But sometimes the crazy can be too much. It can wear and tear at us. Sometimes we just need a little help and guidance along the way to figure it out. Being surrounded by a group of people that can be there to lift you up and tell you that is going to be ok is the best feeling in the world. And maybe life isn’t ok in the moment. At least they can tell you it is going to be ok in the end. My life may see crazy and that sure is true but I do truly love my life and my family. I know that I will smile whenever I think about my friends and family. I know my life isn't perfect and that it never will be, but I am dealing with the best that I have. This is my life and I will forever call it my

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