Exploratory Essay On High School Drop Out

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Many explanatory essays aren’t effective to all people. Some people feel as if they are given an abundance of information or compact information. The essay “Flow” was the most effective it engages readers and is not overbearing with information. Other people would write about high school drop outs. “Flow” was the only essay that was the most compelling. Being that it was not on a topic that I had no interest in, it captivated my attention. It did not provide so much information that would cause me to lose focus on the reading. It had just enough educational information to make sure that the reader would understand exactly what he was explaining. Another aspect of it came from a relatable topic so it made it enjoyable enough to not perforate someone. The essay provided just enough of everything someone would need in order to understand what “flow” is. Not all of these essays would have been effective to everyone. “Flow” was so effective due to the fact that it was not all based on an educational aspect. It also related a topic back to sports, which many people could relate back to. Almost everyone played some type of sports in high school.…show more content…
The fact that teenagers drop out of high school bewilders me. I know that getting a decent job will not be easy especially since they don’t have a high school diploma. So the chances of them being successful are improbable. It is extremely hard for someone to make a decent living when they are getting paid seven dollars and fifty cents an hour. People cannot a decent life without worries when they are making seven dollars and fifty cents an hour. Although, some people go back to college and get a degree to better themselves in life. It still is not savvy to drop out of high school. Some kids might be going through problems at home, which may make them feel like they should just drop out. But those kids should seek help from someone they trust to talk

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