Persuasive Essay About Life

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Have you ever had to make a decision that would hurt the two people you love most? The story I’m about to share with you is the time I decided to move to California. It begins with my mother remarrying a fantastic guy named Steve. They dated long distance for eight years, and I was overjoyed when they decided to get married. One of the conditions of the marriage was that she and my sister would move to Irvine, California. I had the choice of deciding whether to stay in Utah with my father and stepmother Carmela or to move to California with my mother. I decided to stay in Utah for my first year in High School to experience school in Utah first. My mom was heartbroken when I broke the news that I was staying, but it also delighted my dad. The…show more content…
I reflected on my time in Utah and registered that I never made any decisions for myself. I always thought of other people before me. I couldn’t think of a situation where I chose myself over sparing someone else's feelings. This reflection was freeing. The day of the move came, and I packed all my things into one car. My mother drove to Utah to pick me up and drive my belongings back to her house. When everything was done, I said one last goodbye for a few months to my dad. This was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. My heart hurt ached with sadness when we finally left. The drive felt long and dreary. When we reached the point of the drive where everything looked the same, my mind wandered off. I began to reflect on everything that happened the last few months, asking myself if it was worth all of the pain. I felt good; I felt confident in my decision. Even though I was nervous about moving to another school, it subsided because of my excitement to start a new journey, a journey that I created for myself. It was the first time I ever took a chance in my life. I felt the wind on my face from the open window and looked up at the clouds smiling. I felt as free as the birds flying in the sky. I thought to myself “cheers to you on your new
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