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College Students Need to Learn Foreign Language besides English Back in 2012, Ismail Eliyev, a truck driver for GNB Trucking Co. (contractor for FedEx) was demanded to be fired because of his Russian accent when he speaks (Insurance Journal, 2012, para 6). FedEx said that it is a requirement for workers to be able to speak language fluently. This shows that lacking in speaking foreign language is a serious problem to be taken not lightly. Though the awareness of learning foreign language has spread worldwide, a lot of people still refuse the fact that it’s important. There are many reasons that support it, such as money issue and time issue. But regardless of all these problems, the most out of it is that they think it’s not necessary to…show more content…
As Matt Long (2013) asserted that ahead of travelling to other country, you have to learn some keywords and phrases, to conserve time and money. A lot of people have once got scammed by foreigners that stake a higher price than usual. Now, imagine if travelers know some shopping phrases, it will help them a lot. They can bargain and they won’t get fooled and get cheaper price as a result. Another important thing is by mastering foreign language on holiday, it will help traveler to navigate easier. They know the basic phrases of asking directions or using local transportations, and therefore break the ice with the locals by interacting with them, which will make their holiday more meaningful. Though there are many advantages of learning foreign language, people stated that doing this will cost a lot, because language institutions stake a high price for their package. This is true, but nowadays, everything can be easily found on the internet. As Kerstin Hammes (2015) mentioned free smart phone applications such as Duolingo and Memerise are popular among new language learners, as they cover step by step learning, web based communication, and trials. There are a lot of websites to learn some basic words which we can access for free! What a package?! Free and

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