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1.0 INTRODUCTIONS Writing is one of the skills that need to be mastered in language learning and most people admit it is a difficult process even for their first language. In learning and writing in foreign language or second language it can only be more complicated. Numerous research indicate that for beginners in learning English Foreign Language (EFL), there were tendencies of interference from their first language in their process of writing in English (Benson, 2002 and Cedar, 2004). In fact, writing in English often presents challenges to students in all stages especially in essay writing because it can be extended or include ideas. Therefore, writing can become more demanding in terms or essays than in case of writing short paragraphs or sentences. In order to solve this problem, majority of students will just translate words, phrases and even sentences from their L1 (i.e. Malay) to English resulting in strange results in form of grammar, punctuations and tenses.…show more content…
Apart from that, according to Richards & Renandya (2002) writing includes numerous considerations and choices to be made regarding higher level skills, such as content, structure and organization, and lower level skill, such as punctuation and choice of appropriate vocabulary items and grammatical structures. Moreover, writing must be practiced and learned trough experience and from a lot of practice. Bereiter & Scardamalia (1987), believe that by putting together concepts and solving problems ability, students (i.e. the writer) will interact in a two-way forms between continuously developing knowledge and continuously developing

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