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Female infanticide is the killing of female babies because they're female and it is without a doubt an issue in third world countries. Although numerous countries have stopped female infanticide, such as India, Japan, China, and Pakistan continue to do these acts to this day. This is still practiced due to religion or beliefs, which most consider absurd. It’s affecting multiple topics like population and sex ratio, which is important. Female infants are dying every single day because of this. Whether it being for religion or for government policy, it should not be allowed at all. Female infants should not be purposefully killed for any reason, especially not for being female and the governments of these countries should put an end to female infanticide entirely. On occasion, female infanticide occurs due to government policy. For example, in China they have the policy to have one child. With this, most families want to have a male due to economic situations and as a result, females are killed which also makes the population decline. It's horrific, but when there are female infanticides, they state “there was a strong motive to ensure that baby girls did not survive” (“Ethics - Abortion: Female Infanticide”). Another cause of female infanticide is because of…show more content…
It’s easy to notice that a small number of individuals know what female infanticide is. Not only is female infanticide an issue, but the fact that the issue is not known by most is another. Spreading awareness is not a challenge; Sayah supports this by stating “I think we really need to reach out to young people (to) create an awareness, to change attitudes and dispel the notion that having a boy is better than a girl” (Sayah). Ways to reach out to these people is by creating foundations or exposing the individuals to foundations that focus on the topic of female

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