Essay About Bad Habits

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Bad Habits There is a large society of people who like to smoke. According to a website I found named CDC fact sheet, today there is about 5.6 youth smoking, about 480,000 people die from smoking every year, and people who smoke cut off 10 years of there life. People who smoke are not willing to end smoking for the future people of America. There is a lot of ways to make great changes to stop smoking. If people don’t stop smoking, lots of lives will be lost because of this situation. When people start to smoke, it's hard for them to stop the addiction. Some people can smoke one or two cigarettes and never be addicted, but what about those who take one and get hooked on to them for the rest of their short lives. People are not willing to change there habits of smoking because there to addicted and they don’t see harm in it. They choose not to be flexible and they don't want to listen to people's comments about bad habits and how smoking can kill them. Soon enough they encourage…show more content…
It's hard for people who smoke to stop smoking because there not really resilient, and they don’t care to improve there habit. People who smoke have a problem with accepting that smoking is bad for the body and they don’t care that there life is being cut in half. Smokers are not open to change, and choose not to change their lifestyle. They could also learn from past experiences, but they rather block the those bad memories out, and use smoking to cover those memories up. Not saying that they’re people who don't take responsibility, but some don’t care about that, and they continue to smoke and harm themselves, and others that breathe the air around them. If people would learn to be more resilient, they would have an easier time not smoking and learning to become more healthy in a lot of ways and gain there family and life
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