Essay On Bad Habits

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There are many things we do on a day to day basis which are considered as “bad habits”. From biting our nails when we’re nervous, to using vulgar words, and to smoking etc. However, there is something we constantly do that is considered as a bad habit, but we aren’t aware of it. What is this habit? It is the act of making a promise. Since we were little children running around in the playground, to when we were students in high school, to when we were employees at a firm, we constantly make promises. Some of those we keep, and others, we break. It is inevitable that we, as human beings, aren’t always able to keep our word and are compelled to break our promises but there are cases that could have been prevented. The cases I’m referring to is when we promise we’ll never do something again but a few weeks later, we do it. Or when we say we’ll go on that diet and the next day we sit on the couch watching tv and eating a bag of chips. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying we…show more content…
When the time comes, and the promise is due, we realize that we simply cannot accomplish this promise due to our situation, obstacles, lack of time management and organization etc. To avoid uncomfortable situations like these, we must learn to say no. In my culture, especially as an Arab or an Emirati, if we were asked to do something, we’d bend over backwards and pour our blood, sweat and tears before we say we can’t do something. Maybe what stops us from saying no is our inflated egos, fear of failure or declining rejection (Sir, I’m not sure if this makes sense). Here’s my problem; when we make a promise, we put too much pressure on ourselves that we basically set our self up for failure. We could’ve made our lives much easier if we simply said no in the
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