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The job as principal chief of the second largest tribe in the world must be a difficult job, especially if the chief is female. Wilma Pearl Mankiller was the principal chief of the Cherokee Nation and crushing the stereotypes of female leaders. Her career as chief will always be remembered as proving women can lead. Though her road to becoming Chief was troubled, Wilma Mankiller revived the Cherokee Nation, leaving a legacy for others to follow. The life of Wilma Mankiller and who she was. Wilma Pearl Mankiller was born in Mankiller Flats, ten years later Wilma’s family uprooted and moved to San Francisco, California. While in San Francisco, Wilma attended Skyline College, and San Francisco University (“Wilma Mankiller”). Her father died…show more content…
Chief Ross would begin Wilma’s career by asking her to run for deputy chief while he ran for his re-election (Yannuzzi 19). She one the deputy chief position and would fulfill a full term. Wilma decided to run on her own, and she knew that is she won the election it would be on her own qualifications. After the results came in Wilma Mankiller won the election and became the principal chief and being the first female to do so (56). Once her job started she would work long days of fourteen hours. During her work days she would do mountains of paperwork, go to meetings, and deal with the nation's money situations (Meili 63). Not everyone believed Wilma had what it took to be the chief (22). Wilma wrote a quote in her book Everyday Is A Good Day saying, “By the time I left office in 1995, after not seeking a fourth four-year term in office, there were fewer questions about whether or not women should be in leadership positions in Cherokee Nation…show more content…
Chief Mankiller provided new health centers and social programs for the indians (Yannuzzi 19). Wilma would continue working on improving the health care by going to three different presidents in her terms. They discussed many critical issues of the tribe as well. After speaking to many different presidents, Wilma was able to create new health clinics with an eleven million dollar job corporation, and she would compromise with the Cherokee Nation Enterprises to develop many core businesses. Doing this would also create more jobs for the youth and children (“Former Cherokee Nation..”). All the new businesses would create an increase in profits for the tribe and it will open more higher positions on the council board for women (Yannuzzi 19). Another thing that Chief Mankiller did for the tribe that had a huge impact was the Bell Water Line project. Wilma and her second husband Charlie Soap would provide a 16 mile pipeline that would bring clean water to the poverty stricken homes (Meili

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