Environmental Issues In Canada

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Introduction To some, Canada has been an environmental leader, but others identify Canada to be an environmental laggard. The real question is whether the Canadian authorities are taking the environmental concerns seriously so as to pass on to next generation an environment-friendly and prosperous Canada or debilitating its natural legacy by leaving the land that is lesser fertile, healthy and clean. Another real issue is the involvement of Canadians in dealing with the global environmental challenges such as depletion of ozone layer, climate change and loss of the biological diversity. Having said that, environmental concerns are faced by every country in one way or another. Forestry is one field, which needs to be developed in order to improve the economy of a country, but along with that, facing the environmental challenges is also important. The purpose of this paper is therefore to present the environmental issues of Canada and explain the ways through which the forestry is being pursued by the Canadian people, in which cutting of trees and other procedures followed will also be discussed. Canadian Culture and Environment…show more content…
This can be evident from the provincial as well as national flags, currency and the coats of arms, in which Canadian wildlife and landscapes are extensively employed. Natural environment is considered like a heritage among Canadians. This is the reason that about 98% of the Canadians considers the natural environment as the only condition for the survival of humans. Similarly, more than 90% Canadian families love to hang out with their families in natural areas. Even 82% of the people in Canada have suggested that nature to them has many spiritual qualities. Such a love for the nature among Canadians has transformed itself in terms of strong ethics about environment (Statcan.ca,

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