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“Build [the Keystone Pipeline] and we put Americans to work and grow our economy. Build it and we strengthen the security of our energy supplies. Build it and we show ourselves and the world we still can undertake the big projects that are crucial to American success” (Gerald & Jones). The Keystone Pipeline is a pipeline that runs from western Canada’s oil sands to oil refineries in the Gulf Coast. The pipeline is expected to carry 830,000 barrels of petroleum per day. Building the Keystone Pipeline would boost the American economy, reduce America’s dependence on Middle Eastern oil, and have very little environmental impact. The Keystone Pipeline is a network of pipeline that run from the Canadian Oil Sands in Alberta, Canada to Patoka, Illinois, Steele City Nebraska, and Cushing Oklahoma. The pipeline now has the capacity to carry 730,000 barrels a day (“Keystone XL”). The Canadian oil sands are a mix of naturally occurring bitumen, which is oil too heave or thick to be pumped without being diluted or heated, sticky oil and abrasive sand (“Keystone XL”). To mine the oil sands there are two options, mining or drilling.…show more content…
Canada is America’s largest oil supplier (E) which supplies the U.S with 24% of their oil (F). Canadian imports to the U.S will reach four million barrels a day by 2030 (D) and the price/barrel is $15 less than similar quality crude from Mexico (H). With this happening, more companies will want to consider expansion projects. Local unions have trained workers ready to take on these jobs when the time comes (D) which will provide good paying jobs at the time of hardships when families are losing homes and turning to government assistance (C). Building pipelines will provide thousands of new good paying jobs during construction and hundreds of permanent jobs when construction is finished. Overall the pipeline will contribute roughly $3.4 billion to the American economy

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