What Was The Cause Of Claudius's Crown

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In the introduction of the story Hamlet by William Shakespeare. The king of Denmark, Claudius was portrayed as a caring man to its modern day audience, when he was trying to figure out why his nephew Hamlet was so depress. But due to some circumstantial events that took place in this story. It resulted in the modern day audience to shift its views on Claudius as a good and caring king to an evil and dastardly one, when in Act four Scene five, Shakespeare suggest that Claudius the king of Denmark is now at the point where his crown is being jeopardize due the sins that he had committed. The events that Shakespeare used to suggest Claudius`s crown is becoming jeopardize is due to Hamlet finding out that his father was murder by Claudius, the death of Polonius, and Polonius`s son Laertes hearing about his father death. One of the first ways Shakespeare suggest that the causes for Claudius`s crown…show more content…
But he also suggest that the death of Polonius could play a factor in this too. This is based on the facts that Claudius`s said, “The people muddied, thick, and unwholesome in their thoughts and whispers for good Polonius' death, and we have done but greenly (IV, v, 64- 66)”. With regards to this, Claudius is now aware of his mistakes for not mourning the loss of his friend. But, he was too late for that because the effect of Polonius` death, caused the town’s people to see Claudius as an unfit king when the messenger told the king that the town’s people are saying, “Choose we! Laertes shall be king! (IV, v, 89)” Here it is evident that this event shows the modern day audience how powerless the king really is not being able to control his own citizens. In addition to this, this is another reason why Shakespeare suggest the death of Polonius could play a factor in why Claudius`s crown is becoming

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