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Lifestyle of Immigrant Latino Americans Name: Institution Affiliation: Lifestyle of Immigrant Latino Americans The majority of the immigrants anticipate for better lives for their children and themselves. However, adapting to life in the United States can prove to be risky even amongst the immigrants who are economically successful. Poor nutrition reduced physical activity levels, and rates of obesity have reached rather alarming levels amongst the immigrants in the United States. The American culture has changed the Hispanic Americans diet. The lifestyle of Immigrant Latino Americans is always undergoing a transition from one that was found in their ancestry traditional customs and values, as they start adopting the behaviors…show more content…
The authors argue that prior to the immigrants moving to the United States, they usually have enhanced overall health, healthier habits of eating and lower obesity rates than when compared to their counterparts in the United States. The immigrants usually experiences changes in diets such as increased intake of calorie and fat and decreased intake of fiber. Changes in lifestyle such as the sleeping patterns, the nature of employment, minimal physical exercises as a result of acculturation leads to obesity and overweight amongst the immigrant’s population. Further on, reasons such as affordability, accessibility and availability of food and limited time resources leads to the Latino immigrants developing and increasing the risk for a wide array of chronic diseases. According to Greder, Slowing & Doudna (2012) food insecurity and poverty are prevalent amongst the Latino immigrants accounting for 26.2 percent and 26.6 percent respectively when compared to the population of the United States that accounts for 14.7 and 15.1 percent respectively. Food insecurity usually comprises to people consuming unhealthy food and as such the Latino children are usually at increased risk of obesity and…show more content…
The new culture usually has a direct impact on the immigrant’s health and well-being. Stressors in life, acculturation to the new culture and lack of social support leads to the Latino immigrants failing to take part in their household routines and promoting healthy eating amongst their children. The Latino immigrant’s children are usually motivated in engaging in the specifics Eating habits that are adopted by their American counterparts, and this leads to them becoming obese or overweight. As such, Lifestyle of Immigrant Latino Americans is most likely to change and affected as they move to the United States. The families evening meals have been found to be important towards preventing child overweight and obesity in the Latino immigrant families. The provision of structured and routine mealtime is integral towards the promotion of healthy eating

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