Keurig Green Mountain Environmental Analysis

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Keurig Green Mountain is the company behind the world’s leading single serve coffee machine. It has been recognized as environmentally friendly due to the fact that the machine uses less electricity, water, and wastes less coffee than the conventional method of brewing coffee (Flavelle, 2015). According to Nielsen data, “In Canada, single pod coffee accounted for 49 per cent of all coffee sales in grocery stores by dollar value during the 12 months ending May 30, 2015” (as cited in Flavelle, 2015, pg. 1). However, such success for Keurig has exposed the company to a new substantial environmental problem, landfill waste. Each cup of coffee that is consumed from a Keurig results in an additional plastic cup wasted. A video called “Kill the K cup” was released in January 2015 by CEO of Egg studios, Mike Hachey, to express the detrimental effect that K-cups pose to the issue of accumulating landfill waste (Flavelle, 2015).…show more content…
This expresses an optimistic transition to going green; however it’s outfall is that there will still be 5 more years of K-cup waste. Fortunately, this issue was refused to be ignored by companies such as Club Coffee and G-Kup coffee as they are working efficiently to produce a 100% compostable K-cup, thus preventing millions of plastic cups from reaching landfills in the future. Club coffee is innovating the structure and composition of the K-cup by using wasted coffee chaff to make the ring that keeps the pod in place while in the brewer (Flavelle 2015). Although the new compostable cups are revolutionizing the creation of the K-cup, they face problems such as maintaining the freshness of the coffee, and dealing with municipal composting

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