Exploring The Theme Of Love And Honor In The Film Gladiator

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Analytical Paper Gladiator The film Gladiator is about Maximus a roman general who seeks revenge on a corrupt emperor who murdered his family and former emperor. Maximus was a loyal general who set off to find vengeance for the murdered ones he loved the most, he overcomes adversity and wins the hearts of the Roman people. Gladiator uses cinematography to show the movies theme of how love and honor will prevail in the face of evil. The cinematography used in Gladiator shows the different ways that how a film can be affected by just the different angles, distances, and camera movements. The beginning scenes bring us to a battle field where there is roman soldiers riding horses into a battlefield. The cinematography gives a shot at a distance overlooking the roman army giving us a sense of the power they embraced. In the next scene it is angled looking upward towards Marcus Arlieus where it slowly pans up towards his face giving us a sense of his power of the Roman army.…show more content…
In the scene where Maximus realizes the emperor had been slain they give us a close up shot of Maximus’s face where his emotions show us that is already suspicious of Commudus murdering him. In the scene where Maximus had a conversation with Lucilla in the slave chamber they show us a close up of her face and show us the despair in her face. They then show Maximus’s face in a close up where he shows us his anger. The ability to give close up shots on Maximus in this scene show us the emotions of one man and give us the details of their

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