Hurricane Katrina Swot Analysis

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Introduction: there is a lot of crisis in the world that we see in this generation. One example, is Hurricane Katrina. Hurricane Katina is the 3rd largest Hurricane in the United States of America, it was said that hundreds of thousands of citizens were not employed and more than 70 countries help donate equipment and materials, such as Qatar, India, China and Pakistan. This can also be linked to the crisis in the KRG region with ISIS and Peshmerga battles. One way to prevent any major events or problems can be through environmental scanning, Strategic formulation, and evolution and control. Environmental Scanning: this can be dealt with government, such as having meeting to find solutions to fix or re – build the problems or issues. Also, the government should do SWOT analysis, for instance, what are the strengths and weakness by implementing this solution for this problem, and what are my opportunities and threats by doing this. Another thing comes into play for this, its financing. Say we have some sort of issues like the expansion of water like hurricanes or flooding, than fire, police, and emergency departments have to come and see if there is a fire or injured people during this event or events. Strategic formulation: Vision: if the KRG region had a flood like Katrina, we should first look at what went wrong for this to…show more content…
Every government has to have a 5 year plan for its country, if the government and the parties that help make the government’s decision, the country will be in a great position if we keep on planning and taking action for these plans and eventually the KRG region will be an amazing place for both citizens and tourists to come to. Also, this region has a lot of history, so, if we show or give knowledge about the KRG region the people will know what Kurdistan is

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