The Benefits Of Organic Farming

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Organic farming is the form of farming using natural strains of crops and free-range livestock that eat organic feed, and by taking advantage of the resources provided by the land or livestock that live on the land provided in a closed system. The crops are raised without genetically modified strains or with the use of chemical synthetic pesticides and synthetic fertilizers along with other chemical aids. However, strains of crops that have been bred to be resistant to disease and local conditions are allowed. For this reason, different techniques are used for the purpose of nutrient distribution. Crops need to be widely rotated and done so more often, and fertilizer must come from onsite sources. Livestock are to be fed organically and be…show more content…
Due to the degradation of the environment and soils; the creation, or this push towards environmental sustainability along with the worry on global warming people are looking for a way to reverse the effects we are having today and change to a more positive and viable option.“We don’t have to wait for technological wizardry: regenerative organic agriculture can substantially mitigate climate change now.” (Rodale Institute, nd.) Through organic farming practices, we would be able to help sequester and push towards this common goal. There is also this massive push from the concerns of consumers who are looking for food that is grown organically and is part of the natural human diet, along with less harmful impacts on the animals. This is driving the hammer towards the nail on why there is such a push for the “trend” for organic…show more content…
Organic farming is often considered safer and better for the environment and is supported by social status due to the stigma on genetically edited food. Yet for organic farming “Higher prices offset the higher production costs (per unit of production) of management, labour, and for lower farm yields.” (Martin H, 2009) But for GMO farming is considered superior to organic farming via statistics in yield and production cost (Azadia, H., & Ho, P. ,November 2009) The trend on organic farming is a push on morality, opinion and environmental

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