Elder Abuse In Australia

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Australia is a federation of six states and two territories, and is a rapidly ageing society today, with about 20 million people, consisting about 13% of its population, at the age of 65 and above and is estimated to increase to 18% by 2021. According to the Facts of elder abuse – Australia (2011), it is projected that there are about 100,000 reported cases of abuse, neglect, and exploitation throughout Australia every year, not including many newly unreported cases which accounts for almost four times more, with the highest prevalence of elder abuse in South Australia, followed by in Queensland and in New South Wales. Australia is a very strong welfare state, with strong social security and welfare systems that are able to provide income support…show more content…
They include client characteristics such as age, gender, health and abuser factors such as physical, functional limitations, chronic fatigue, caregiver skills and knowledge, as well as environmental and historical abuse factors. These factors can also have a tremendously influence on elder abuse. As from the pathology theory, which focuses on the disturbed individual with a history of sociopathic behavior and involved in caregiving, but lacks skills or resources to maintain it, can result in undesirable outcomes and…show more content…
The study started with an initial sample of 41,500 women but only 10,421 women has managed to complete it. From the analysis, it was seen that those who dropped out of the survey were more likely to be single, widowed, separated, or divorced, have a lower education and are found to be at a higher risk on the dependence and dejection scales from the data (Schofield and Mishra, 2003). Thus, using the ecological model, which explores the interactions between individual and contextual factors, it allows elder abuse to be linked to broader social issues, and to be seen as a cumulative effect throughout the life course resulting in the lower education and higher dependency among

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