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Introduction:- 15 March,1959 they just started this, they said there was work available here. They were not very educated so where would they go? So they came to see this place and how they rolled the papads here. Since they could take it home so they could look after the kids also and make some money along with it. That’s why they began working here. They taught us for two days. After which, they started taking the dough home. There first branch began in Girgaum 7 women’s got together and were talking about what they could do in the afternoons, once their husbands went to work and the children went to school. So the Guajarati ladies decided to start some work and they thought of making papads. The first…show more content…
The major objective is to giving them opportunity to come forward and empower themselves. When I tell about the term Women Entrepreneurship I mean, an act of trade ownership and trade creation that empowers women economically, increase their economic power as well as position in society. Therefore women-entrepreneurs have been making a major impact in all most all the segment of the economy which is additional than 25% of all kinds of business. In India Entrepreneurship is very limited amongst women particularly in the formal sector, which is less than 5% of all the trade and work involvement of Indian women is 22% as per 1991 census and triple in rural areas around 27% and in urban areas 9%, so the role and participation of women entrepreneurs in rural sector is very enhancing, the literacy levels increased ratio is also a major factor of this position inclination in the field of entrepreneurship. “Women Entrepreneurship” Role in Today’s Society:- The women who are involved in this project are not much educated but this project provides them the status as entrepreneur through which they can develop their skills and

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