The Importance Of Social Entrepreneurship

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Social entrepreneurship is roughly refers to individual who are driven by a sense of social mission to work for social change (Bornstein, 2004, Dees, 2001, Martin & Osberg, 2007). It is the process of bringing about social change on a major scale. Social entrepreneurs function as the agents of change, questioning the status quo, grabbing the new yet overlooked opportunities, and changing the world for the better. Social entrepreneurship is an emerging field that begins to attract attention from many sectors like academics, practitioners, philanthropists and social sector organization (Martin & Osberg, 2007, Mair & Martí, 2006; Haugh, 2005, Alter, 2004; Alvord et al., 2004, Thompson, 2002, Dees, 2001, Thompson et al., 2000). Social entrepreneurship…show more content…
Einstein happily accepted and contributed the following, “Mahatma Gandhi’s life’s work is unique in political history. He has devised a quite new and humane method for fostering the struggle for liberation of his suppressed people and has implemented it with greatest energy and devotion. The normal influence which it has exerted on the consciously thinking people of the entire civilized world might be far more lasting than may appear in our time of overestimation of brutal methods of force. For only the work of such statesmen is lasting who by example and educational action awaken and establish the moral forces of their people. We may all be happy and grateful that fate has given us such a shining contemporary, an example for coming generations” (Sorkhabi, 2005). Gandhi passionately believed in his principles and was willing to die standing against injustice. Gandhi was motivated by his deep desire for universal justice and freedom. He was inspired by his belief in his ability to effect social transformation in India. He loved harmony and balance and never took extreme positions on any issue unless they pertained to justice and fairness. Even with the British, Gandhi was very fair and balanced. This is exemplified by the fact that he supported Britain in their efforts during the Second World
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