Gateway Hotel Case Study

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HAPTER 6-Process Study 6.1 ANALYSIS DONE BY THE HOTEL This survey was conducted in the months of JAN-April year 2015 by hotel.4 interviews was successfully completed. 42 questionnaires was sent out to hotel operators & 22 to maintenance managers 15 persons responded for operators & 16 responded for maintenance managers representing approximately 36% & 73% respectively. TABLE-1.1 Response rate of questionnaires 6.2 Provision made to plan, implement & finance hotel maintenance ⦁ This implies that most of the restaurants make estimate of their future income & expenses to calculate, if this can continue to perform operations with these projections. ⦁ The financial estimate will list all the sources of incomes, lists out the fixed expenditures,…show more content…
Political Factor ⦁ The disbelieve of the political problems is purely based on the increase in the violence & situation in Karnataka as well as India. ⦁ ⦁ 6.3.2.Economy Factor ⦁ Indian tourism and hotel industries are crucial since the hotel is a temporary home of the people who travels around places. Accommodation in the hotels is the key factor encouraging people to travel around the world. Leaving accommodation, F&B, Restaurants also provide recreation amenities like pool, golf course etc. ⦁ Foreign tourists gradually increased in the second half of 2013 to 2014. This continuous increase of international tourists in the past decades speeding up the new investment. ⦁ As a part of the Indian tourism industry, the hotel industry is very significant to the Indian economy in creating employment opening for the local people, & targeting better GDP & grade of living, land evolution for hotel construction & infrastructure, civilization, & technology transferring to rural people. The hotel business reduces the employment burden, helps distribute income and gives rise to many other associated businesses. Occupation in rural communities reduces the social community gap and helps to solve the migration to capital city…show more content…
Social Factor ⦁ From the Business point of view, Bangalore can also promote many business events and conference. so that foreign guests, and love to spend time with a relaxed life time and some history on the side. This creates many opportunities for Restaurants to stress on promoting businesses and historical sites. ⦁ ⦁ 6.3.4. Technology Factor ⦁ Technology changes are changing the way business is operating. The Internet service is having a deeply complex influence on competition from Budget Restaurants and resorts, one can say that the proffer of this competition is considered relatively control as the hotel has been targeting the corporate agencies & business & traveller customers ⦁ Hence they can decide that the hazards from the rivalry of existing competitors can be appraised as extent. ⦁ ⦁ The marketing mix strategy of businesses. 24 hours a day amenities is now available to consumers. This uprising in the technology means a much faster bartering of the facts that can be really help in firm permissive them to respond swiftly to changes in their operating domain. ⦁ Technology can be applied & can be used for hotel of different ways like the booking, room type & fare. It can use technology for market channel enlargement & package

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