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Leaf Diseases Leaf diseases are the most common diseases of most plants. These diseases occur primarily on leaves, but some may also occur on stems and/or fruit. They are usually controlled with fungicides, bactericides and resistant varieties. Although leaf diseases are described under several different symptom types, keep in mind that differences are not always clear-cut and there are many names for leaf diseases other than those given, a situation which can be confusing. Fungi are the most common parasites causing plant disease. Most are microscopic (very small and can only be seen with the aid of a microscope) plants that feed on living green plants or on dead organic material. When they attack living plants, a disease results. Fungi usually produce spores which, when carried to a plant, can begin an infection. These spores may be carried from plant to plant by wind,…show more content…
Leaf Spots This fungus growth may be tiny pimple-like structures, often black in color, or a moldy growth of spores. It is often necessary to use a hand lens or a microscope to see these structures.If the spots are numerous or close together, diseased areas may join together to form irregular areas called "blotches." The common names of leaf spot diseases may be general, such as bacterial leaf spot; descriptive, such as frog-eye leaf spot; or named after the fungus, such as Septoria leaf spot. Leaf Spot is a commonly used descriptor for identifying many different plant diseases. Most leaf spot is fungal but some is also caused by bacteria. Often the larger clusters of fungal leaf spot are referred to as anthracnose or canker Characteristics Leaf Spots are typically brown, but depending on the type of fungus, the spot could also be tan or black. Concentric rings or dark margins around the spot may also be present. Over time the spots can group together to form blotches and sometimes they are formed in angular patterns on the plant. Symptoms of Leaf Spot

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