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Have you ever imagined living life without memories and feelings? I can't imagine, but in the society of the novel, The Giver, that was the reality. In the book, written by Lois Lowry, a normal boy from the community named Jonas receives the job of being The Receiver. This job would give him the opportunity to receive all the memories that were kept from the rest of the citizens. This society had different rules and also a different way of living, because they were a futuristic society. Jonas changed a lot from the beginning of the novel until the end. After going to his job, The Receiver, he started having feelings and memories, Jonas wanted that for his society; he wanted everyone to feel feelings and memories, whether they were good or bad.…show more content…
As readers we discover that The Giver is also suffering because holding all the memories, weather good or bad, it's not easy. With this he tries to explain to Jonas how he is feeling: ''The worst part of holding the memories is not the pain. It's the loneliness for it. Memories need to be shared'' (198). Evidently, only one or two people can't hold the memories from everybody; It's simply impossible to handle all the negative memories. Jonas realizes that he had not suffered enough, and he wanted to receive more painful memories, so with that Jonas remarks: ''But I haven't suffered, Giver. Not really'' (135). The author leaves very clearly, that Jonas during his training of being the Receiver he grew emotionally. He was being more mature, and we can realize that Jonas really wanted to feel all the types of memories. When Jonas receives a painful memory from the Giver, he passes through a physical pain where he breaks his legs; it is clear that he doesn't know how to handle the pain. Jonas asks The Giver, ''May I have relief-of-pain, please?" (138). We can notice that Jonas and the community need to experience both happy and painful memories. All of Jonas's experiences with the memories prove how important they are to

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