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U.S. is known as the place of opportunities and education is the biggest way to accomplish one's dreams but when someone moves to the U.S. from another country not being fluent in english can be a huge barrier to being able to accomplish what one wants, and being successful in the educational system. Therefore the people who control the the education system have set specific standards in order to teach students who are learning the english language. The set standard for students who don't speak english is supposed to help them to learn english and keep up with the subjects that the other students who speak english are learning and are being tested on. The idea of that is great and should promote both content retention and the development of the english…show more content…
from the beginning as mentioned in an article by Claude Goldenberg and Kirstin Wagner “Bilingual education has been part of the American educational landscape since before the United States was forged from a collection of fractious colonies”, specific bilingual schools were established in order to help people whose first language was not english. These schools were established in times when people were coming to the U.S. in order to find new opportunities doing the work they were good at or were just looking for refugee. The need for these schools where necessary in order for people to be able to work together. As time went by more schools were established around the U.S. in order to support the different people who moved to the U.S. seeking opportunities. Bilingual education had been around since the beginning and hasn't disappeared, “From its colonial beginnings bilingual education in the United States has existed in one form or another to the present day” (Goldenberg). As time as gone by laws and standards have changed in order to meet certain standards established by the board of education which have made it harder for English language learners to keep

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