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English is known as the international language in the world that make a strong communication between the people of the world, which many developing countries attempt to use this language while their native tongue is not English. Speaking English may have some positive and negative effects on those countries which English is not their original language. Although in many countries English is thought as a foreign language in schools and universities, some other countries used English as the Medium of Instruction (EMI). Even though some countries believe that English may not use as the Medium of Instruction because by using as EMI day by day the mother language will destroy and the people will forget their mother tongue but, others believe that…show more content…
Internationalizing the education is the one of the technical ways to applying the EMI to make opportunity for the students to participate in the global academic community (Dearden, 2014). Many researches showed that the majority of important and influential educational resource and material are in English especially sciences materials. Thus the home students or the students who are speaking with their own native tongue after their graduation from school will not be able to challenge with the world market in long term or in short term to study in another country where the system of teaching is EMI, implementing EMI in schools and universities possibly help the students to be successful in all their academic subjects (Macaro, 2015). As Professor Ernesto Macaro, briefly mention that “More and more institutions across the world are using English to teach academic subjects, spurred on by a desire to internationalize their offer and their academic profile” (as a cited in Dearden, 2014). For instance the government of Pakistan decided to conversion the system of all their schools from the Urdu medium to English to Medium or the other country like Bahrain, India, and Cyprus they are widely used English for public education and established colleges in the system of English as a Medium of the Instruction (Dearden, 2014). Therefore, there are…show more content…
And also it has provided good facilities for the people to have a better job with high salary by increasing the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). According to researches and people’s view EMI has a positive impact on the improvement of education and economic in the developing country and that is why the most of these countries follow the method of English as a Medium of the

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