Felix Roxarious Case Study

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Skills My Professional strengths Being an effective and inspirational leader is one of most difficult and rewarding positions in the world. Every professional leader invariably possesses certain traits and skills that are the integral part of their success. One such leader who epitomizes integrity, high standards, and professional strength is Felix Roxarious. Whether it is graphic designing, Online Trading, music production, website development or photography, Felix is the exceptional market leader with most creative solutions across sectors and business areas. Felix provides excellent services and varied solutions in conquering clutter, mastering time, and helping the clients in reaching their goals. He completely understands that the creativity…show more content…
-Adept at applying the most recent creative visual techniques to optimize product visibility and attention. - Strong proficiency in boosting sales through improvements to site conversion rates and functionality. Expertise in developing graphics and visual or audio images for product illustrations, logos, and websites. Traits and qualities that Felix exhibits- Self-motivated He is a self-motivated leader who constantly desire to achieve above and beyond expectations. His passion, pride and desire to become better is what makes him a successful leader High Standards Felix always holds himself accountable for higher standards than most, both on a personal and professional level. He understands that in order to achieve higher standards, he needs to have strong values, and he holds himself accountable for his words/actions and never make excuses. Optimism & Positivity Felix has the ability as a leader to face every challenge with energy and positivity. Passion: Felix is a passionate leader with a strong, uncontrollable desire that pushes him forward. The amount of passion Felix has directly affects his attitude, energy and the work he…show more content…
Felix had been in a bilingual school from kinder and perfected English as his second language. Furthermore, Felix also understand HTML and IT/Geeks Language fluently which is widely needed in mappings and integrations. Felix is a conscientious, results-oriented professional with a solid business and technical background in e-commerce ventures, promoting products, providing superior customer service, recruiting and managing teams, and researching competitors to devise excellent market strategy. Felix’s language skills can be summarized as below- – Fluent in Spanish (native language), English, HTML/IT languages – Demonstrated excellence as an interpreter in verbal and written translations across various business aspects –– Translated several business documents from English and Spanish to suit the client’s needs Knowledge Felix is a renowned leader with expertise and skills ranging across different fields. Whether it is the fluency in the native and foreign languages such as speaking & writing English & Spanish, Technological proficiency, public speaking, Music & Video Editing, Computer System & Networks, Self-Help Skills, business Plan & Marketing, Internet Marketing or Graphic & Music Designer, Felix possesses every important skill which makes him an exceptional leader in the

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