Construction Materials Waste In Construction

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TOPIC: IMPACT OF CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS WASTE ON CONSTRUCTION PROJECT IN RWANDA CHAP 1: INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background of the study On construction projects there are waste generated to material used during construction process due to frequent design changes , poor quality of materials , workers ‘mistakes during construction ,poor planning , poor site management ,ordering errors , material not in compliance with specification (T.C.Formoso, 2002) , effect of weather (S.Alwi, 2002) The major physical waste generated from construction activity is identified in the form of material waste like concrete leftover, demolished debris, steel scrap and others (S.Nagapan 2011) Studies show that material waste has significant impact to the cost of the…show more content…
1.2 Statement of the problem Construction materials waste has an impact on construction costs of project and environment during construction process. I would like to do this study for seeking the best manner efficient to project as well as on environment friendly. 1.3 Objectives of the study 1.3.1 Main…show more content…
CHAP 2: RESEACH METHODOLOGY 3.0 Introduction This chapter will present all the methods of conducting the research that it will contain the sample size, data collection procedures, collection methods that they will be used for data analysis and evaluating of impact of construction materials waste on construction project in Rwanda. The methods that will be used in conducting this research will be basically the review of the literature, questionnaires and interview by visiting different construction sites. The results will obtain from project managers of how they will be used to manage construction materials wastes, they will be analysed and will be combined with literature findings to design the questionnaire survey. The questionnaire will be based on • The cause of construction materials waste on construction project. • Investigate the methods will be used to manage construction material waste. • Compare the method will be used in Rwanda with other countries. • Assess the impact of construction materials waste on construction

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