What Are The Benefits Of Rice Essay

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There are many foods that are tasty, healthy, and easy to grow but very few are all three. Rice is one of these few foods and is loved by around 3.5 billion people because of this. Rice is one of the world’s best foods because of its varieties and benefits. Some people may argue to this because it has almost no fiber and there are more people allergic to rice than there are people allergic to wheat. Even though it is not perfect for reasons such as these, rice is still an amazing food and its good qualities outweigh its bad ones in an instant. Rice has many healthy advantages and can keep you strong and fit even if you eat a lot of it. It contains many vitamins such as vitamin B1 and can help stabilize blood sugar levels. Rice can even slow…show more content…
Rice can also prevent cancer and this can also be proven by organicfacts.net when it says, “Whole grain rice like brown rice is rich in insoluble fiber that can protect against many types of cancer.” This ties up with healthy advantages because cancer is very serious and it is best to prevent it. These are just some of the many aids in health that rice gives us. Rice is also produced easily and huge amounts of rice can be made in a few months. Rice is cheap to make and does not cost that much so almost anybody can buy or make their own and the amount of rice you can get from it is surprising. Calrice.org shows how easy it is to make rice when it says, “The rice grows rapidly, ultimately reaching a height of 3 feet. During this time, farmers are careful to maintain a consistent water depth of...5 inches. By late summer, the grain begins to appear in long panicles on the top of the plant. By September, the grain heads are mature and ready to be harvested. On average, each acre will yield over 8,000 pounds of rice.” This shows the speed of the growth of this plant and how much food it can give. Rice can also grow while covered in a layer of water which makes its growth easier because weeds can not grow in this

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