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Nine Amazing One Day Picnic Spot near Delhi By Mansi Sharma Meta-description: Delhi or Dilli, whatever name you call it, this city is pure happiness. The easiest city to reach from anywhere in India with more than 800 flights running to and fro daily. Living in such a busy city wouldn’t give you a lot of time to chill and relax and also it won’t be easier anyway to have a week off from your work to just chill in mountains. Everybody these days are on a lookout for such hubs and places which would require less time and will deliver more fun. Localities have seen almost everything in the city and now the hype is all about the nearby picnic spots. There are many picnic spots near Delhi where you can have a trip in just 24 hours! The best thing about all these places is that they are very different from the normal hangout zones of the city. So this Sunday, You don’t need to laze around scrolling your Facebook feed, Instead, you are going to use these 24 hours with the ten most perfect picnic spot near Delhi. 1. Vrindavan Vrindavan is the village where the young Krishna have grown up. From all over the India, pilgrims come here and for the Hare Krishna community, the pilgrims flock from all around the World. There are ample of Temples which comprises…show more content…
You can take along food items and have lunch with the backdrop of the majestic Aravalli Hills. This lake is very famous for activities like Rock climbing, hot air ballooning, parasailing, trekking and camping. Even if you are not in the sporty spirit and want to have a serene yet beautiful evening, you can opt for a round along the lake in a boat as well. It will take you around 2 hours to reach the destination but this will be worth spending your time upon. The breeze is mesmerising around this lake and its will great to visit during spring. This picnic spot near Delhi will surely give you and your family a wonderful

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