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Reading strategies to enable disadvantaged learners to become proficient learners: A study Ammaji Nalli&Prof. Jayaprada Abstract The ability to read academic texts is considered one of the most important skills that undergraduate students of engineering learning English as a Second Language (ESL) need to acquire. That is the reason engineering colleges in Andhra Pradesh have English in the engineering curriculum. Reading well is a skill that is non-negotiable. It has long been recognised that ability to use reading strategies when reading enables the reader to negotiate a text better than when reading it without any awareness or use of strategies. This study looks in specific at the awareness levels among undergraduate students of engineering…show more content…
This was important because students are expected to sample long passages, grasp texts, and formulate answers to questions and passages that figure in exams during their time at college and after, in competitive exams and entrance exams for going abroad or gaining admission for higher studies in India or elsewhere. The importance of reading skills cannot be gainsaid or wished away. This study concerned itself with a main research question: 1. Do students have any knowledge of reading strategies? The question was framed with a view to bringing out the problems students come face to face with when reading their lessons or a reading passage or an article in a scientific journal or magazine. The participants were 200 first year students pursuing undergraduate study in various branches of engineering. Based on the geographical region and the type of school offering education, students were classified into the following categories: 1. Rural areas and English medium schools 2. Rural areas and regional medium schools 3. Urban areas and English medium schools 4. Urban areas and regional medium

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