Emotions In The Giver

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The Giver" is a book about emotion. It has action, romance, and many more. Jonas, the main character, is chosen for a very important role in his society, the receiver of memory. He has to recive all memory of the past including love, pain and sadness. His society tries removed all emotions form everyone. Jonas goes on a amazing journey to get emotions back and memory's of the past to his society. The author is trying to show that emotions are. A part of life that everyone needs. Some may say that parts in the book when Jonas and his family unit are sitting at the eating table and sharing feelings is an example of people other than the giver and Jonas having emotions in the society but the family unit is simply sharing thoughts not real emotions. At the eating table they share thoughts and dreams. Sharing thoughts and dreams is nothing compared to the love that Jonas feels for Asher, Fiona and, Gabriel.…show more content…
Fiona is cauth up in the society's ways. She feels as if the way she lives is the right way, until Jonas tells her about all the great things that life was before his society. All of thepeople in the society have to take pills. The pills take away emotions, but the elders have the soceity convinced that the pills help there health and give them something instead of take away something "he felt such love for Asher and for Fiona. But they could not feel it back, without memories. And he could not give them those. Jonas knew with certainty that he could change nothing." This passage shows how his friends that he loves, don't have the ability to love

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