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The world we live in is not perfect. The people that inhabit the earth are of different races, ethnic groups, religion, and each one is unique. Today is different from tomorrow and yesterday. The world has flaws, but it is those flaws that make it great. Jonas’ community in The Giver is about a place where everything, everyone, and everywhere is the same. But is Sameness better than being different? In The Giver there is no race so there is no racism. In the real world there are white, black, asian, hispanic, and lots of other races. If there was no race in the real world people would not have been enslaved, segregated, or pre judged solely on the color of their skin. The gruesome events in human history would have never happened and no one would hate another for their skin tone. If there was no…show more content…
However, no one gets to choose a job, you are assigned one based on your interests and what you have volunteered for. Everyone in the community gets a part and they become a helping hand to community. The leaders of the community try to make the people of the community “happy” or make them think they’re happy. In the real world many people struggle to find jobs, and the jobs that they do find are less than desirable. People suffer from poverty and hunger. In the The Giver no one is left behind. The world we live in today has a death rate of two people per second, but twice that many people are born every second. People in the giver are given full lives, or so they think so. When the elders are released they are being lethally injected to make room for newborn citizens. When identical twins are born one is released so they won’t have to distinguish between them. When someone loses a child to an untimely death (which is rare in the community) they can apply for a replacement and get a new child with the same name and no one would really mourn the loss of the child that was

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