Emotions In The Giver By Lois Lowry

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The Giver "All those feelings! They'd never experienced that before." In the book The Giver this is all but a lie because every person in it has never felt any type of emotion barely any feelings. In The Giver, Jonas, the main character becomes the new receiver of memory. During his training he begins learning thing ge never knew existed and what was taken away from him and every community member. This made him mad because all his life he lived by very strict rules and limitations along with every other person. He decided he wanted to give them back so people could know the truth behind their lives. He then crossed the boundary giving them back with the knowledge and emotions. The Giver stayed back to help with the consternation of the citizens. The novel The Giver by Lois Lowry shows it readers the basic truth in life that emotions are what lead us to discover greater things about the world, our lives, and ourselves.…show more content…
Jonas talked to his parents about his stirrings in his dreams the night before. They told him to take pills that the adults all take so that those stirrings will go away everyday. This just shows that in the community every person and their feelings are accounted for not having any type of emotion. They can’t express any type of feeling to one another or to the things they do. This allows the community to literally control what people can discover about new ideas or better in depth understanding of what’s going on around them in their own lives. This book is nearly completely lacking in
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