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Outside Reading Project Hello everyone! Today I am going to talk about a book called the Giver by Lois Lowry. This plot is very intricately constructed so I am going to use an analogy many of you can relate to.Before I get into further detail on this book, I am going to ask you to imagine a world where magic exists. In this world, you, out of all the people in the world, have been given an opportunity to use and practice the art of sorcery in order to preserve its valuable knowledge for possible future use. You are even taught by Dumbledore himself. The catch is that you can’t share the knowledge of magic you have learned to anyone. Not your friends or family. But of course rules won’t stand your way in spreading the truth about sorcery to…show more content…
Jonah’s experiences differ as he is exposed to the memories of snow, sunsets, and dancing. He also is exposed to the darker side of human history with war, death, and violence. During Jonah’s training sessions he learned that if a receiver or a giver passes the boundary of memory surrounding the futuristic society, memories can be restored to all people in society and no longer will restricted to the receiver or giver. The giver in the story is also reluctant to transmit so many memories at once, because he didn’t want to overwhelm Jonah as he had done with the past reciever of the community, Rosemary. It turns out that Rosemary was the daughter of the Giver, and had asked to be released from society because she couldn’t mentally handle the information she was given. Little did she know that being “released” from society was just another way of phrasing…show more content…
He, like the rest of the community, has no memories of past society (our present society). One day Jonah’s dad brought home a baby named Gabriel who had the mark of a giver on his right hand. The mark showed an individual with the same abilities as the Giver and Jonas. Only those with that mark can receive or transmit memories between each other. Jonas’s dad explained how the child was weak and that he had brought him home in order to give him a fighting chance, considering only the strong, fatter babies were given the opportunity to live in the community while the weak were euthanized. When Jonah arrived home one day he notice that Gabriel was missing from his basket , and his father had informed him that Gabriel was too weak and was going to be “released from society”. Jonah then saved the child’s life, and with the Giver’s encouraging memories Jonah escaped the police to end up crossing the border of memories which gave everyone memories of the

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