The Giver By Lois Lowry: Character Analysis

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Imagine a world with no true feelings for others, no true family, and with the word and concept of love stripped from your vocabulary. In The Giver, the author, Lois Lowry, brings this thought to life when she presents a community centered around sameness and order. This Community presents no pain, no choices, no independent thinking, no concept of love, and blindness to the wrong of the community’s isolation. Jonas, the protagonist, lives with his robotic and love free assigned family that consists of Lilly, his younger sister,his mom, and his dad. Jonas sees a glimpse of times when there was still love, compassion, and true care for others, brought to him by the The Giver and supported by his emotions towards Gabe, a new child. This leads…show more content…
In paragraph eighteen The Giver and Jonas are talking about the memory The Giver gave Jonas about a loving family, ”You can understand, then, that's what I felt for Rosemary, I loved her. I feel it for you too, Jonas” (141). Later, in chapter twenty, The Giver is talking about how he has a daughter and wants to be with his daughter, “The Giver smiled, and nodded. For the first time in their long months together, Jonas saw him look truly happy. ‘Her name was Rosemary,’ The Giver said” (162). When The Giver says that Rosemary is his daughter, he lights up. He is experiencing love for himself, and it has quite an affect on him. Him and Rosemary had great times together, and they were related, this is was family is. Though many citizens in the book don’t understand it, their family was the only real one. Other “families” in the community are robotic, and don’t even keep contact after they go away, and why should they? There is no connection between…show more content…
“father gave a little chuckle. ‘Jonas. you of all people, precision of language, please!”’ (127). Though Jonas’s family does live together, and are called a family, they are just acquaintances. When he asks this, how are they supposed to say yes when they were assigned partners and children, and also take a pill to block any emotions of love? How can a family function if they are just there for looks? Robotically conversing under surveillance. This community has made everything a job for it’s citizens. Shortly after Jonas gets this response from his parents, he makes an executive decision to no longer take the pill, “The next morning, for the first time, Jonas did not take his pill” (129). This is how Jonas had escaped the emotion block of the community and venture his curiosities of the thought provoking warm feeling that had been introduced to him. He seeks to experience love for

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